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Rumeli Fortress

It dates back to the time of the Ottoman Empire. Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror ordered the construction in order to contribute the Conquest of Constantinapole and prevent the city from getting aid and supply from the Black Sea and the Danube. 1000 workers and 2000 craftsmen finished the Fortress within 4 months in the year of 1452. The Anatolian Fortress is located at the narrowest part of the Bosphorus Strait. It consisted of 4 main and 1 smaller gate, and 3 large and 1 smaller tower.

Rumeli Fortress underwent the earthquake. In 1953, it went through the restoration and opened as a museum fot 500th celebration of the conquest. Moreover, the open air concerts also take place in Rumeli Fortress during the summer period. That is the reason why you can attend any concert that you wish whenever you want. We are sure that you will have a great time at there and feel the medieveal beauty of Istanbul in your spirit.

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