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Beylerbeyi Palace

Sultan Abdulaziz I was commissioned and the construction completed in 1865. The palace was used as a summer residence where the high ranking officials of the state benefit from there for their pleasure. Moreover, Beylerbeyi Palace reflects many aspects of the Baroque style architecture like Dolmabahce and Kucuksu Palaces. In this palace, many high-ranking foreign political officals such as the kings, queens etc. were received. Additionally, it was the place where Sultan Abdulhamid was sent to the exile fort he rest of his life. He died in Beylerbeyi Palace in the year of 1918.

It consists of six halls, 26 rooms and has three entrances. The Ottomans planted different kind of trees for the gardens. It was where the Ottoman sultans went out and enjoyed drinking their tea or coffee. If you decide to participate to a Bosphorus tour, you will certainly realize the dazzling and picturesque beauty of this palace. We suggest you taking as many photos as you can.

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