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Istanbul Kucuksu Palace

Its construction was completed in the nineteenth century on the shore of the Istanbul Strait between Anadolu Hisari and Kandilli. The architect Nigogayos was chosen by Sultan Abdulmecid I and then he made a lot of contribution to the construction of the Kucuksu Palace with the feautures of the Baroque style. One of the key things about this palace is that it totally reflects the lifestyle of the Ottoman Empire and the tendency to the luxury. Sechan who was a stage designer at Vienna Opera was invited to Istanbul for the interior decoration. During the interior design, the Western furnishings were used exclusively.

For the Ottoman Sultans, the Kucuksu Palace had a huge significance as they benefited from it for resting and having fun during their leisure. For the exterior decoration, the Sultans ordered so many tulips to be planted as many as possible. In the year of 1994, it opened its doors to the visitors. Today, you can visit the Kucuksu Palace and have a relaxing time there. Overall, we recommend you taking as many photos as you can as it is one of the most picturesque place in Istanbul.

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