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Ortakoy Mosque

The origin name used to be Buyuk Mecidiye Mosque (the Great Mecidiye Mosque) but the locals started to call it as the Ortakoy Mosque as the time went by. That is the reason why the Turks call it as “Ortakoy Mosque” today. One significant detail about the mosque is that it is the combination of Ottoman and European architect style, Baroque and Neo-classism together. In addition to that, the interior architecture is very dazzling and marvellous place for the Muslim visitors who prefer to carry out their worships. Apart from this, the interior design is also marvellous and reflects the whole beauty. Moreover, you can watch the sea with its blue beauty while tasting delicious Turkish cuisine. Besides, the Ortakoy Mosque is one of the most picturesque place in Istanbul. Imagine that the Bosphorus Bridge, the Ortakoy Mosque and perfect sea view is behind you while you take a photo. As a resut of this, it is absolutely magnificent landspace with a picturesque sight. We recommend you not missing opportunities and accordingly you should visit the Ortakoy Mosque.


Ortakoy is one of the most famous places in Istanbul because of its multicultiral and multireligious background. During the time of Ottoman Empire and onwards, it houses the Jews, the Christians, the Muslims, the Armenians and Greeks. It was called as “Mesa Hora” by the Greeks. When the Turkish tribes were migrating from the Central Asia to Anatolia, they also settled in Anatolia. The Ottoman Empire built the mosques, palaces and churches in Ortakoy and caused it to be a sightseeing place today.

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