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Maidan’s Tower

Due to the necessity of survelliance, the Athens considered constructing a new tower during 341B.C. When the Ottomans started the Conquest of Constantinapole, the tower was used as a lighthouse. In the year of 1719, a huge fire broke out which caused the complete destruction of the tower. In the year of 1725, it was rebuilt and went through many restorations during the following years. During the time of the Republic of Turkey, the tower was handed over to the Turkish Naval Forces and serevd as a radar station in order to control the sea and air traffic. In 2000, the Maiden's Tower opened its doors to the visitors.

Today, you can enjoy the mesmerizing atmosphere in the tower There is also a restaurant inside the tower and you can drink your coffee while you watch the perfect view of the Bosphorus. The Maiden Tower is a certainly a sightseeing place and accordingly we suggest that you should not skip this opportunity. Moreover, the legend behind the name is interesting. The Byzantine Emperor was informed that his daughter would die when she would be at the age of eighteen due to the venemous snakebite. That is the reason why, the Emperor decided to isolate her inside of the tower so that no snake could harm her beloved daughter.

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