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  • Istanbul Historical Tour of Byzantine Monasteries and St. Savior in Chora

Istanbul Historical Tour of Byzantine Monasteries and St. Savior in Chora

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Istanbul Historical Tour of Byzantine Monasteries and St. Savior in Chora

Explore the Istanbul city and History of Byzantine Empire, Churches, cistern and etc. with an english speaking tour guide.

What You Can Expect

If you are interested with Byzantine Empire and their art and want to know more about them, this tour is the best choice for you. Because on this tour we are visiting Byzantine Monasteries in Istanbul such as Byzantine churches, cisterns, dungeons, columns, Byzantine Stone houses and other things. The most important one is definitely the church of St. Savior of Chora. This museum is famous with its mosaics and frescoes. And also Istanbul was the capital city of Byzantium Empire from 4th to 15th centuries.

Tour timeline

Istanbul Historical Tour of Byzantine Monasteries and St. Savior in Chora

  • Free Hotel Transfer Service

    Start your day with a hotel pick up and meet with your tour guide to start your Historical tour. Please Note; (Pick-up and drop-off only the central hotels)

  • Byzantine Heritage

    Discover ancient Byzantine Heritage by walk. You will see and get information about history of St. Polyeuktos Church (ruins), Aspar Cistern, Pantokrator Church, Tekfur Palace, Chapel of St John the Forerunner, Monastery of St. Saviour in Chora and Pammakaristos Church. Also stop for lunch at a typical Turkish restaurant. After the tour we will drive you back to your hotel.

  • Greek Orthodox Patriarchate

    Became the Head of global Christian Orthodoxcommunity after christianity was declared as the official religion of the empire by emperor Constantine The Grea. Even after the conquest of the city by the Ottomans the seat of Patriarch was encouraged to remain in the city.

  • Church of Panagia Blachernae

    This is a well known shrine of the Holy Virgin located near the Golden Horn. Famous with the “ hagiasma “(fountain of holywater) there, and was known for healing various diseases.

  • Lunch Service

    You will have lunch in our restaurant. Drinks are available at an additional cost.

  • Byzantine Walls (Only from bus)

    The walls surrounded and protected city on all sides from invasions. Totally 22 km. consisting of; 8 km. on landside, 6 km. on Golden Horn side and 8 km. on the Sea of Marmara side. The walls were also fortified with trenches and many watchtowers.

  • ST.Savior in Chora Museum

    Originally this was a Byzantine monastery, dedicated to Jesus Christ Savior and Pantocrator, has got great many mosaics and frescoes, portraying scenes from the Holy Bible, the life and miracles of Jesus.

  • Anemas Dungeons (Only from outside)

    The important statesmen of the time were imprisoned there. Actually dungeons were associated with the byzantine palace called “ Blachhernae “

  • Palace of Porphyrogentus (Only from outside)

    Dates back from 12th C. It is the only structure left today as an example of typical roman palace structure. The palace was built right behind the city walls.

  • Chuch of Pammakaristos

    Originally dates back from 6th Century buttoday’s structure was founded in 13th John Comnenus and his wife Anna Doukaina. And in15th C. also The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate used this church as its headquarters. There are someadorable, well preserved Byzantines to observe.

  • Aqueduct of Valens (Only from bus)

    By the help of this 4th C. aqueduct clean water was provided to the baths and cisterns of Constantinople. 800 mts of the aqueduct survives today.

  • Chuch of Pantokrator

    This was a Byzantine monastery dedicated to Christ, Pantakrotor meaning “ almighty”. It consists of 3 different churches built in 12th C. Churches were dedicated to the trinity ; “Father, Son & The Holy Spirit “ .

  • Hotel Drop off Service

    End of your city tour and transfer back to your hotel.

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