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Istanbul is the city that represents the modern Turkish Culture and also is the birthplace of the two most powerful empires known to date; such as Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.  Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul are the three names span more than 2600 years, nearly 1600 of them as the capital of two of the greatest empires the world has known, Byzantine and Ottoman.

Under its historical name of Constantinople, Istanbul served as the capital city during the Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman empires, and architectural relics from each of the eras can be found around the city’s streets today as well as spectacular museums such as Hagia Sophia which is the largest churches of the Byzantine period or the Blue Mosque which is one of the most fascinating mosques in Istanbul that is famous for its blue tiles and six minarets and it is the most visited mosque in Istanbul.

Istanbul is also famous for its markets and bazaar which are the Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian Bazaar. The Grand Bazaar is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world. The Grand Bazaar attracts between 350.000 and 400.000 visitors daily with its 61 covered streets and over 4.000 shops that are second to none. We certainly believe that you will enjoy buying gifts for your friends and family from the Grand Bazaar.

Egyptian Market (the Spice Bazaar) is one of the city’s most colourful and famous attractions. The market has operated since the 17th century and remains as popular with locals as it is with visitors.

You can also visit the Hippodrome which was used as a stadium where chariots races and the most important political and social events took place. Topkapi Palace is also a must-see site Topkapi Palace.

The Topkapi Palace, the palace that the Sultans and the Ottoman Emperors lived. The Fascinating Topkapi Palace is a magnificent palace where you will get the see precious jeweleries, uniforms, armory, traditional dresses and many more hand crafted treasures that have been worn by Emperors, Sultans, Warriors, Commanders, Leaders and so on...

So this spectacular city that connects two continents, with its uniqueness, invites you to explore. Give it a try and you will always remember its magic.

As everyone knows that Istanbul is a magnificent city and there are millions of attractions you can explore from the spectacularn architecture to the markest and cuisine.
We can tell you where to start to discover the magnificent sceneries, the perfect architecture and the unique dishes of Istanbul!

Offering a wide range of alternatives, Istanbul welcomes its dear guests with special dishes for all tastes. A variety of cuisines from all over Turkey blending with the Ottoman culinary culture comprise a variety of specialties of incomparable taste. 

Having started the day with a Turkish breakfast, which is famous for its diversity, you may take a trip to the islands of Istanbul where you will encounter an entirely different environment. You may enjoy the sun and the sea or prefer to ride a bike if you like.

Alternatively you may opt to take a city tour in Istanbul which is definitely worth the time. Beginning your tour at the historical peninsula, you can sightsee many monuments belonging to civilizations that had settled here. The Grand Bazaar, Nuru Osmaniye, Çemberlitas, the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern and Archaeological Museum are among the major venues you may particularly enjoy sightseeing.  After that you can cross the Golden Horn Bridge and give a coffee break at Karaköy before heading to Tünel and going up the Galata Tower to watch the splendid view of Istanbul.

Finally, you can try the tasty dishes of Turkish cuisine at any of the restaurants at Beyoglu and eventually drop by the coast of Bebek or Arnavutkoy to enjoy the rest of the magnificence and beauty of Istanbul by night.

On the other hand, Pierre Loti, one of the most tranquil and charming corners in Istanbul, will invite you to drink some Turkish Tea and enjoy the view on site.

Eminönü is a convenient place to buy souvenirs and gifts that will remind you of your Istanbul experience all through life. For bigger shopping tours you may prefer to go to the great shopping centers in the districts nearby. 

If you prefer to be carried away by the beat of the night you may consider visiting Kalamış, Fenerbahçe, Moda and Caddebostan located on the Anatolian side. Likewise, the coast of the European side, such as Ortaköy, Kuruçeşme, Bebek, Tarabya and Suada offer popular entertainment venues with doors open to guests until early sunrise.