Turkish Traditional Folk Shows

Istanbul Ortakoy

Karagoz and Hacivat : Traditional show theatre, where the shadow puppets of human and animal figures, cut out of leather and colored, are thrown onto a white curtain using a light source behind it.

Meddah : A kind of one act play where the narrator also imitates the various characters in the play.

Orta Oyunu : In style and theme resembles Karagoz and Hacivat, but is performed by real actors.

Village Plays : Plays are put on in accordance with rural traditions on special days, weddings and holidays.

Horon : This Black Sea dance is performed by men only, dressed in black with silver trimmings. The dancers link arms and quiver to the vibrations of the kemence, a primitive type of violin.

Kilic Kalkan : The Sword and Shield Dance of Bursa represents the Ottoman conquest of the city. It is performed by men only, dressed in early Ottoman battle dress, who dance to the sound of clashing swords and shields without music.

Zeybek : In this Aegean dance, colorfully dressed male dancers, called 'efe', symbolize courage and heroism.