Istanbul Turkish Night Show

Istanbul Ortakoy

Turkish and Ottoman kitchen's distinguished foods, put in order with Istanbulin's care and with one oriental show, one culture of a life style an done hundred years of lasting traditional amusement is reflected today living. New wave dances, specific folklore will take you to different Anatolia fairytale, the Mediterraneans heat excitement will take you to the music of the community in which we live from yesterday to today

In the Ottoman Empire, on second half of 18th. Century, during Sultan Abdülaziz' period, a kind of jacket which was called ISTANBULIN had been wearing by reformer people who were officer men were addressed from high class people.

Katibim is a song which goes back to Ottoman period. Well-known name is "Uskudar'agiderken" which means "While going to Uskudar". You will watch a musical dance about this song lyrics.
AsukMasuk is performed by two men which are called Asuk&Masuk which a man (asuk) & a woman (masuk) faces are drawn on their body. They represent the love between man & woman.
Belly Dance is a traditional dance originally from Middle East. This dance is performed different styles and costume country by country.
Henna Ceremony is the most important and colorful part of wedding rituals. Bride usually is dressed in Red, after few rituals, a girl brings the henna cup. The henna is put in the bride's palm. The ceremony ends with some folklore dance.