Istanbul Maiden Tower, Leander's Tower, Kiz Kulesi

Maiden’s tower is one of the symbols of Istanbul. This tower originally was built in 12C on a natural rock. But the recent structure dates from the 18C. In the present day it serves as a café and restaurant. It has a great panoramic view of Istanbul.

Also other name of this tower is Leander’s tower. If you want to reach the tower you need to pass to the Asian side by a ferry. Ferries leave from Eminonu and Kabatas to Uskudar and it takes around 20 minutes. From Uskudar port, you need to walk next to the Tower about 10 minutes and just across the tower there are some small boats carries visitors to the tower. You can enjoy the beauty of the Bosphorus. And if you want a great dinner in this tower is better to reservation earlier.