Istanbul Dolmabahce Palace

“Dolma” is filled or stuffed and “bahce” is garden in Turkish. The site of the Dolmabahce Palace was obtained by filling the small bay on the Bosphorus giving the palace its name.

The entrance hall is the hall where the visitors were used to welcome. This part is the official part (Selamlik) of the Palace that was only open to the men. The women and the children lived in a different part called "the Harem". The Sultan's bedrooms were also in the Harem Part.

The palace was built by Sultan Abdulmecid between the years 1844-1853. The architect is Garabet Balyan. It is a baroque style palace. The palace consists 285 rooms, 6 Turkish Hamams, 64 toilets, 46 halls, 581 chandeliers and approximately 600 paintings.

After the sultans, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk occupied a room at the palace on his visits to Istanbul and died there in 1938.