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Turkey Cappadocia

Turkey Cappadocia

Cappadocia is settlement dating back to 6th century and you can see 10 different churches. Inside the churches you can see great example of early Byzantine Christian art dating back to 11th century. When you come to here make sure to wear comfortable shoes. And in Goreme you can see how they are doing carpet too. Also about the fairy chimneys, these chimneys are very unique because on top of it they have some kind of stone like a hat. You can listen your guide about how this rocks formed.
All the rocks in these valleys are made of volcanic ash, so it can crumble very easily.  

What to See and Do

The most important destinations, valleys and underground cities in Cappadocia are; Urgup, Goreme, Ihlara Valley, Dervent Valley, Monks Valley, Pigeon Valley. Among the underground cities worth seeing are Derinkuyu, and Kaymakli.
During your stay in Cappadocia, you may also visit Uchisar fortress, Goreme open air museum, Kizlar monastery, the church of St. Barbara, Yilanli kilise (the church of the Serpent).
The top thing that you can do in Cappadocia is hot air balloon tours.

Goreme and Goreme Open Air Museum
Goreme is located among the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia. Before the Goreme, its name was Avcılar, Machan, Matiana. The first settled in here is unclear but it could back date to the Hittite area. Also there were a lot of empires too like Greeks and Persians. And Goreme National Park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985. 
Goreme Open Air Museum is the center of monastery life from 4th century till 13th century. In this museum you can see a lot of churches, chapels and sitting rooms. Inside these churches you can see earlier Christian mosaics and some frescoes from Jesus Christ life.

Kaymakli Underground City

This is the biggest underground city in here, it is not the deepest but it is largest one. It has 4 levels deep and it’s about 4000 years old. During the Roman period early Christians used this underground city as a hiding place. 

Ihlara Valley

Ihlara valley is a canyon near Mount Hasan and Melendiz. The depth of this canyon about 100m. It is believed that the valley housed about 4000 settlements and hundred cave churches decorated with frescoes.
Ihlara valley has 4 entrances and it is worth to walk through the Ihlara Valley with frogs, lizards, birds and butterflies.

Uchisar (Uchisar Fortress)

At the center of the town you can see the tallest fairy chimney in all Cappadocia. That fairy chimney was occupied by the Romans and eventually became a castle.
Uchisar fortress has a great view and it is peak of Cappadocia. People lived in these sculpted rooms more than one thousand years till 1950s. It has also important strategically position. Because from this fortress you can see Mount of Hasan and Erciyes.  

Avanos ( Venessa)

The town of Avanos is set on the banks of the Red River, the longest river in Turkey. That river gives the supplies of clay for the pottery. Pottery has been produced in the Avanos area for centuries.


Urgup is basically the family of fairy chimneys. Urgup is also famous. Because it was the first place in Cappadocia to create a cave hotel.
Urgup was religious center during the Byzantium period. In 11th century Urgup was an important castle which is opening to Seljuk’s important cities such as Nigde and Konya.  

What to Eat

The signature dish of Kayseri is manti, small pasta packets, staffed with meat and served with a tomato and garlic sauce.
Autumn visitors can see local women stirring cauldrons of pekmez, molasses made from locally grown grapes.
Testi kebabs, stews made in locally made testi, pots that are set on fire.
And also you can find gozleme and borek like you can find all around of Turkey.